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Dr. Charles Hsu and Dr. Alex Wong are both graduates from Harvard Medical School. Harvard is a private Ivy league university in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Harvard’s history and influence has made it one of the most prestigious universities in the world.



The decision to have plastic surgery is a personal one. A big part of this decision is finding a surgeon with whom you can trust as well as feel comfortable regarding his or her credentials, training, experience, and character. After having the honor of learning from and working along some of the finest plastic surgeons in the country, Dr. Hsu decided that the best plastic surgeons take special care to fully understand all aspects of a patient’s life before making any recommendations.




Doctor-patient communication is the key to a successful outcome in plastic surgery. While credentials are important, Dr. Wong strives to understand the distinct needs of each and every one of his patients so that he can deliver a customized and actionable surgical plan. This interactive process leads to predictably exceptional results for his patients.