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What is Dermashine Injection?

Dermashine is a skin rejuvenating treatment designed to restore and recover your skin. Dermashine is injected into your skin to boost rejuvenation.

What are the benefits of Dermashine Injection?

Enhance your facial elasticity, correct dark spots, reduce wrinkles, treat pores, produce collagen, brighten your skin.

What is Whitening Injection?

Our Whitening Injection is a Glutathione Injection that evenly whitens your skin. It is a better alternative to skin bleaching. It is safe and effective if you are interested in brightening your skin. When Glutathione is under professional care and done correctly, there are very few side effects.

What are the benefits of Whitening Injection?

Glutathione Whitening Injection will enhance the appearance of your skin by brightening and giving you a lighter complex. The injection promotes healthy skin and anti-aging properties.

What is V-LINE Injection?

V-LINE injection works to shape your jaw line and chin. Our injection can help you achieve a more softer and slimmer jaw line.

What are the benefits of V-LINE Injection?

Many people are worried about extra skin, fat, or muscle in their jaw line. Our injection will relax those areas and decrease the size to help you achieve your desired look. Everyone is different. We will work with your anatomy to reach your goals and desires in your facial appearance.

What is MESO Lifting?

MESO Lifting is a lifting strategy that is very minimally invasive but lifts your entire face. Small units are injected in places with less volume to result in a overall lifted appearance.

What are the benefits of MESO Lifting?

MESO Lifting can counter wrinkles, fine lines, and give a lifting effect. Come in for free consultation to receive specific information and details to fit your needs.

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