Buccal Fat Pad Removal


Is excessive buccal fat keeping you from showing off your cheekbones? Our Beverly Hills, CA board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Charles Hsu, understands that some of his patients have a predisposition for cherub cheeks that fill out a round face shape. It is not a matter of simply losing weight for patients' concern with excess fat tissue. The fat in this area can make the cheeks look disproportionate to the overall composition of the rest of the facial features. Dr. Hsu consults with men and women at his practice, Line Plastic Surgery, for buccal fat pad removal surgery. He is an experienced plastic surgeon who can produce natural-looking results without taking too much tissue from the face.

Best Candidates for Buccal Fat Pad Removal

Depending on where the fat pad is and how large it is, some patients can be a good candidate for buccal fat removal. Dr. Hsu takes a conservative approach to this surgery to slim the face and/or create more of a V-shape facial contour instead of round. He will discuss with you at length why you want to have this surgery and explore all of your options.


Your consultation with Dr. Hsu is a time to ask questions about the procedure, discuss your health history, have an examination of your facial features, and more. Dr. Hsu will go over information and tips that will help you prior and after your buccal fat pad removal procedure. Together, you and Dr. Hsu will make the decision if buccal fat pad removal surgery is the right choice and what course of action needs to be taken to get the best results.

Surgery Details

As an outpatient procedure, Dr. Hsu can remove parts of the buccal fat pad in your face in about an hour under local anesthesia. Dr. Hsu will first make a small incision on the inside of the cheek (at the upper part of the gums). Then, he will carefully open up the area to remove small sections of fat tissue by implementing a gentle teasing technique. A moderate amount of fat can be taken out to ultimately create a nice improvement to the fullness of the cheeks without looking unnatural. Lastly, Dr. Hsu will close the incision point with a couple of dissolvable sutures.

Recovery and Post-Op

Once you are at home recovering from surgery, you will need to be on a liquid diet for a week. Then you can go back to eating your normal diet. You can expect your cheeks to be swollen for 7 – 10 days (sometimes longer). We will schedule you for a follow-up appointment to monitor your progress. During recovery, please limit any strenuous activity and exercise until Dr. Hsu allows you to return to your workout routine again. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is in the Consultation?

At Line Plastic Surgery, we will take the time to talk to you in detail why you would like to remove some of the fat pad from your cheeks. Dr. Hsu will discuss your aesthetic goals, examine your facial bone structure, and give you realistic feedback if you are a candidate for this surgery. He may also discuss different options with you (both surgical and nonsurgical) to get the results you want. This is also a great time to ask your questions about the surgery and how to maintain your new look longer.

What If My Weight Changes?

Weight gain or loss will change the look or results of any surgery. You should maintain a healthy weight so your surgery outcome will have little interference. Keep in mind that as you age, there will be some volume loss in your face, and losing weight may attribute to a "gaunt"-looking facial appearance.

Will I Look Gaunt?

No. Dr. Hsu takes great care to only take out as much fat as needed to get the aesthetic appearance you want. This is a well-tolerated procedure and many of our patients are very happy with it.